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3 Reasons to Get a Seller’s Home Inspection

$500 sounds like a lot of money by itself, but there are many benefits for a homeowner using that money to get a home inspection before selling. When a seller initiates an inspection of their home, which is on the market, it helps in the negotiation of the price of their home. An inspection report covers such areas as the exterior, basements, heating/cooling systems, foundation, roofing, general structure, plumbing, and electrical. Additional interior inspections include mold assessment, wall cracks, termite testing, appliances, and radon measurements.

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Three Tips Why A Seller Needs A Home Inspection:

Additional benefits for seller’s to offer a home inspection report, include the following reasons:

1. Marketing benefits from a seller’s home inspection.

When a seller’s pre-listing inspection is complete and you have made the necessary improvements, based on the inspection report, Hendersonville homeowner’s can receive a certificate and a logo to be displayed in their home. When a seller, identifies in the marketing of their home, that a clean pre-listing inspection was conducted, prospective buyer’s are more apt to take a firm interest in purchasing your home.

A seller’s clean inspection certificate, provides more marketing ammunition for real estate agents. When realtors and buyers tour your home and display copies of your professional pre-listing logo or certificate in various rooms, it will add to your home’s sale-ability. It lets buyers know that you are an upfront seller who is eager to begin negotiations.

2. Seller vs. Buyer’s Inspection.

There shouldn’t be any difference in a seller’s pre-listing inspection and a potential Hendersonville buyer’s inspection, because all North Carolina inspectors are to be licensed and must follow the same guidelines. When a seller secures a pre-listing home inspection, a buyer can request their own inspection, but generally, the buyer’s inspection is only following up on any problems initially discovered in the seller’s report. A seller can feel confident at a closing by presenting their clean pre-listing inspection, which is based on every state’s Standards of Practice, even though a buyer may also wish to present an inspection report. A seller who secures a pre-listing home inspection report, is in better selling shape to help a closing become successful for both parties.


3. A Seller’s Home Inspection to Prevent Legal Problems.

If a seller did not opt for a pre-listing home inspection and a buyer’s inspection report reveals major problems, this could be the demise of a sale. Also, if problems are discovered after a home has been sold, it presents all sorts of litigation problems for the seller, who will have to prove that they did not know that certain conditions didn’t previously exist. Hendersonville residents are required to adhere to the North Carolina Residential Property Disclosure Act, which requires seller’s to furnish a disclosure statement to buyers. With the disclosure statement and a pre-listing inspection report, a seller is armed with the necessary paperwork for a stress free closing.

Selling Your Home in the Hendersonville Area

A seller’s home inspection is one step to the process. If you’d like more information about selling your home in the Hendersonville area, contact us or read our free home seller’s eBook:

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