3 Saleability Factors that You Can Control

As real estate across the Hendersonville area continues to recover and home values rise, it doesn’t mean you can take it an easy when selling your home. Just because we’re facing a seller’s market at the moment, it doesn’t mean buyers will be walking up and making top offers to you. Hard work is still required, and though the economy is helping us out a bit, there are a few things we can control (as homeowners) that will help selling faster.

To increase your home’s “saleability” consider improving these factors to some degree. That way, when buyers walk up to your front door, they will already have a good impression of your home.

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1. The Condition of Your Home

Let’s be honest. There aren’t many buyers looking for fixer-uppers these days. If there’s any repairs that need to be made, you should fix them before selling. Any home defects are just an excuse for home buyers to cut your listing price or just walk away. Don’t give them that excuse! Make sure your home is well-maintained and take the initiative on any repairs needed.

2. Selling Terms

Another factor you control when selling your home is the terms. Get ahead of the game and have a home seller’s inspection. You can show curious buyers that your home has been inspected and is in good shape. Save them some of the worry and offer it as an incentive to consider your home further. Other things you can offer is paying closing costs for them or offering some of the furniture (if they really like it).

3. Your Home’s Price

You control the price. If you want your home to sell fast, price it competitively. Offer your home a couple thousand below what other similar homes are going for around Hendersonville. If you set the price right, you can receive offers within the first couple weeks. But with that being said, you should do your research beforehand and ask the advice of a real estate agent.

Selling Your Home in Hendersonville, NC

By controlling these “saleability” factors for your home, you can determine your how fast and how much your sell for. If you’d like more information about selling your home in the Hendersonville area, contact us or read our free home seller’s eBook:

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