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    6 Things Your Listing Agent Isn’t Telling You

    When it comes to selling your home, owners try a variety of things to help drive the sale of their home. Some of them turn out to be great ideas while others just plain stink. But how does your real estate agent tell you that your “grand” idea is no good? Sometimes it can be disheartening. You’re trying your best to sell your home, but are actually driving buyers away. For the sake of this article, we’re taking off the gloves and just laying it out there. Here’s what you shouldn’t do when selling your home in the Hendersonville area:

    1. Stash the Air Fresheners

    Hendersonville Home Smell
    by Guy

    Contrary to what some homeowners think, those plug-in air fresheners really don’t help all that much. You want your house to smell great, but look at it from the potential buyer’s perspective. They walk into your home and they experience a strong air freshener scent. What will they likely think? They may think that you’re trying to cover up something! A better idea is to simply make some chocolate chip cookies or to create some other natural pleasing scent in your home.

    2. Say Yes to Sudden Showing of Your Home

    If you get a call from your agent saying there’s a buyer that wants to look at your home, don’t say no. Of course, you’re probably thinking about how dirty your home is at the moment, but don’t fret. Go show them the house, even if it is a bit messy. Let this type of buyer see it anyhow. Their last-minute request may suggest that they are impulsive and that they might therefore impulsively choose to buy your home!

    3. Beware of Overstating Your Home’s Value

    Buying a Listing
    by Daniel Borman

    Beware of sellers agents that overstate the value of your home. To establish the current market value of your home, an agent should use a comparative market analysis (CMA) when determining what that listing price should be. This analysis looks at similar homes that have sold in your area recently. Beware of an agent that is wanting to sell your house at a much higher price. This tactic is often called “buying your listing.” When you list your home on the market for too high a price, you’ll likely lose out to the competition. Your house could sit unsold for quite some time.

    4. Empty Houses Don’t Look Larger

    Hendersonville Home for Sale
    by StefwithanF

    Regardless of what some agents may say, houses without furniture don’t really look bigger. On one hand, it’s easy to walk around such a home. However, furniture inevitably helps a prospective buyer to get some perspective on the living space. It helps them to visualize what it will be like if they were to live there. This is vitally important.

    5. Clean off those Counter Tops

    Prior to a showing, clean off those off those counter tops in the kitchen and the bathroom. Again, put yourself in the shoes of the prospective buyer. Do you really want to walk in to someone else’s bathroom and see their personal items scattered about? The major advantage of clean counters is that it shows off the ample space that’s available on those counter tops. This can only work to your advantage.

    6. Cut the Neighbor’s Lawn

    Cut the Grass
    by sacks08

    What, you say? Yes, in some instances the effort is worth it. Sellers can feel captive to the unkempt habits of their next-door neighbors. However, if your neighbor’s lawn is looking overgrown and ragged, offer to cut it for them. This will do nothing but add to the curb appeal of your home. First impressions are vitally important. Why not do everything you can to enhance the curb appeal of your property, including attending to your neighbor’s lawn.

    Selling Your Hendersonville Home

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