Banish Boring & Sell Your Home with the Right Color

Neutral colors help sell homes, right? That statement has been broadcast, printed and touted by experts so many times, in so many ways, that there are very few homeowners, sellers or buyers who would dispute it.

But, it’s not exactly the whole truth. And too much neutral can be boring.

Hendersonville Home Color
by Max Gossla

Fresh, Clear, Appropriate

Selling a home is all about “packaging” the product in a way that appeals to the greatest number of potential buyers. Exterior, as well as interior paint and trim colors should be fresh, clear tones, and appropriate for the style of home and for the neighborhood. In San Francisco, a “painted lady” exterior might be stunning, whereas in Hendersonville, NC, such a multi-hued residence would seem very out of place.

If you’re thinking of selling, and want to update the exterior of your home, one good suggestion is to drive through several neighborhoods. Study the homes you find appealing and select those color schemes for your own home.

Interior color schemes are only slightly more complicated. The goal is to present a house as a cohesive whole. That generally means selecting a pleasing color palette that you can carry throughout. Not every room has to be the same color, but there should be no jarring color changes from one area to another. Painting every space a different color is a definite no-no.

Beach Blue Home Color
by Polhemus Savery DaSilva

Use Brights Sparingly

Wall and ceiling colors should harmonize with flooring and all colors should contribute to a feeling of warmth and welcome. The goal is to invite visitors inside, not turn them away from buying. Soft, creamy white walls are more appealing than stark, bright white. Tones of beige and newly-popular warm grey hues are easy to live with, and can be accessorized with a wide range of more colorful tones, from turquoise to coral. Citrus colors to fall favorites are also helpful.

Kitchens and baths offer an opportunity to use a bit more color — as long as the choices are not too taste-specific. Daisy yellows, oranges and touches of red enliven a kitchen; soothing spa tones of pale, beachy blues and greens are appropriate in most baths.

If you wish, using slightly darker tones in bedrooms is reasonable, as long as the color flows seamlessly from other spaces. A bedroom done in taupe and white, with beige carpeting, could be a soothing retreat from the world; Accent colors of violet, natural green or even black, would banish any blandness.

Simple Schemes Are Pleasing

Hallways and public spaces should be kept lighter, cheery and colored to emphasize architectural features, built-ins or views. Simple drapery panels can match the walls, or blinds and sheers can be employed to filter outside light and soften spaces.

If you’re in doubt aboout your options, visit a paint store to see the options. Take a look around you. Nature is a great teacher. While an unending vista of any single color can turn boring, varying tones and textures slightly will add dimension and interest.

It’s much the same as a flowering shrub in a green landscape — surprisingly beautiful.

Selling Your Home

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