Fine Arts of Brevard NC

Vibrant art hubs are scattered all across the nation; from New York City to Seattle, all the way to Orlando! But none of them compare to Brevard, North Carolina! From March till December, Brevard’s small-town lifestyle offers a beautiful and artistic glimpse into the history of Transylvania County and into the minds of its citizens.

One of the most notable places to witness the beautiful of the county is at the Paul Porter Center. The Paul Porter Center, located on the Brevard College Campus, is known for being one of the best performance halls in the south! The stage in the center is large enough to host a whole symphony and the center also contains one of the regions largest pipe organs, known as the Kirkpatrick-Coleman Organ. The Porter Center is home to the Brevard College Theater, Brevard College Music Departments, the Brevard Philharmonic, and the Transylvania Choral Society. It is also the location of the Banff Mountain Film Festival. For the past 19 years this festival has featured the latest award-winning films from hundreds of outdoor movies that are submitted at the annual festival in Banff Alberta, Canada.

Another of Brevard’s masterpieces is the Brevard Music Center. Since its creation in 1936 the Music Center has evolved into a place for musical summer training and numerous music festivals. The center hosts an average of eighty concerts a year, and many people come from around the nation to take place in the festivities; about 30,000 people to be exact. This seven-week event is known as the Brevard Music Festival. There are also multiple music venues located around Brevard that are worth noting. 185 King Street, Oskar Blue Tasting Room, and the Phoenix Lounge all offer live music and warm hospitality!

Many locals and visitors like to drive down the scenic 276 south art & craft corridor. This 13-mile long drive shows off some of Brevard’s finest art galleries, studios, shops, restaurants, and lodging. It ends on the North Carolina / South Carolina line. Stop at almost any one of them to meet that artists at work! If you would rather walk than drive then walk around Brevard and find the 17 life-size sculptures that honor the native wildlife! These sculptures immortalize a bobcat, monarch butterfly, black bear, deer, elk, eagle, horse, panther, raven, redwolf, white squirrel, turkey, trout, and chipmunk!

Another interesting art aspect of Brevard is the Fourth Friday Gallery Walk. The last Friday of every month marks the time when locals and guests hit the streets of downtown Brevard to celebrate the amazing art, food, music, and wine that this town has to offer. Many of the local art galleries stay open until 9pm on these special Friday nights!

No matter what interests you; whether it be music, painting, singing, movie making, quilting, knitting, anything!…Brevard, North Carolina has something to offer to you and your family and friends. For more information on the arts of Brevard, along with more details on the Fourth Friday Gallery Walk, go to.

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