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Gardening For Your Hendersonville Home

A beautiful and colorful landscaped garden, will give your home more bang for your buck. A first glance provides a lasting impression and makes a great difference when selling a home. Planting blooming flowers and matching shrubbery is an instant curb appeal and can only be beneficial in influencing how potential buyers will feel about your home and will invite them to be curious about going inside to see what a home looks like.

Hendersonville Garden
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Stage For Beauty and Profit:

Just as staging a home indoors is a great tip, a front and back yard should also be a staged option. Adding color to agree with the color of the home is helpful, as is adding dimensions to a garden with certain plants and flowers, that accents the house. Spending a lot of money for a garden is not necessary. Just a simple, but elegantly raised flower and plant bed layout will go a long way to soften a home’s entire look and can only complement its architectural appeal.

North Carolina has some of the most beautiful natural floral options for its varied garden neighborhoods. Choosing key flowers that grow in varying lengths and heights help to stage a home for sale. Whether a homeowner is a hobbyist or whether a professional landscape artist is employed, staging a hillside yard or a mountain area yard, does give a home for sale, that perfect inviting touch.

Smell, Sight and Color:

Indoor staging for a home sale, also involves smells which inclusively extends to the outdoors. A garden filled with lovely scented flowers and plants places people in a welcoming mood to buy. Container gardening is quite popular throughout North Carolina homes with and without gardens. Placing distinctive color styled and varying height containers, with different species plants and flowers around the front of a home, close to its foundation or on a porch, simply enhances a home’s design.

This grouping can pop with colorful hydrangeas, rhododendrons, azaleas and the North Carolina dogwoods. Plant some Aucuba foliage among them which bears purple flowers in the spring and red berries in the fall and winter. Also add grasses, sedges and bushes such as yellow India grass and southern waxy sedge. For garden hobbyists and DIY’ers, getting started is as easy as taking a black and while photograph of the yard.

DIY Gardens:

Use a digital camera preferably with the ability to hold a chip that can be inserted into a laptop. Photo framing and photo staging software can be used to play around with garden coloring and size, to help homeowner’s plant the exact “come hither” garden for potential buyers. It is best to keep the garden with an edging design that is neat looking. Adding wood chip mulch along the edges helps to keep weeds down while a home is being visited by potential buyers.

Wood mulch also gives the yard a professional finish. Another tip in making a garden a sight to remember, is pruning. Prune or thin out existing plants away from the house to give a neater appearance and prevents any inspection problems. Just a small investment into a yard with the right garden accoutrements helps buyers fall in love with a potential home, plus it naturally gives a permanent homeowner the right appeal.

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