Hendersonville vs Asheville: Which City Will You Choose to Live In?

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains are Hendersonville and Asheville, NC. Hendersonville is a small, close knit mountain village of nearly 14,000, while Asheville is a city with a population of over 80,000. There are differences between the two, including real estate prices, employment, and entertainment.

Oleta Falls in Hendersonville NC

Housing in Hendersonville, NC and Asheville, NC

Though both cities offer beautiful housing options for families and retirees, Hendersonville provides residents with more affordable housing opportunities than Asheville (sometimes nearly a $100,000 difference for similar properties). However, Asheville provides local residents more options in real estate than Hendersonville. Condos, cottages, and different housing styles are more prevalent in Asheville, while Hendersonville focuses on luxurious mountain cabins, charming single-family homes, and spacious condos. One advantage with Hendersonville’s cheaper price points is that even if you want to work in Asheville, you can easily drive from your home in Hendersonville to your workplace in Asheville.

Entertainment in Hendersonville and Asheville

Just because Hendersonville is a small town doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of activities for people of all ages. There are many outdoor activities here, including fishing, hiking, biking and golf. Hendersonville does have a mall, some antique shops and book stores, and a variety of cafes and restaurants. In the larger city of Asheville you will enjoy more options for shopping, restaurants, cultural events and outdoor activities, although Hendersonville is popular for its yearly historic events.

School Districts, Public and Private

Hendersonville is a smaller community with both public and private schools, pre-K programs and day care centers and Asheville boasts many award winning public and private schools. There are few colleges in Hendersonville, so you may have to travel about 30 minutes north to Asheville to find a college or university of your choice.

Relocating can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with the housing market and the employment outlook. There are differences in living in Hendersonville and Asheville because one is a small community and one is a city. Jobs are always easier to find in a city, while small town country living offers peace and quiet, plus the ability to get know nearly everyone in town. We all have different lifestyles, so take time to weigh the differences before relocating.

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