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How You Can Drive the Sale of Your Home

Buyers are drawn to homes much like partners are drawn to each other in relationships. There’s a matter of “chemistry” that often defies definition. If a buyer loves your home the moment they walk in the door, a sale may be imminent. However, if there is a positive reaction mixed with some uncertainty, there are things you can do to give that “budding relationship” an opportunity to blossom.

45 Seconds To Impress

Because first impressions can be that important, it’s often acknowledged that you have about 45 seconds to develop real interest in the buyer. In fact, it’s estimated that perhaps 80-percent of the decisions to purchase are made in those first 45 seconds. In an age of “instant gratification” and impulsive behavior, the need to quickly impress your visitor is even more important. If you live in an area in which some homes are quite similar to yours, making yours stand apart is vital.

Hendersonville NC Entryway
by Moroso Construction

Curb Appeal

Each potential buyer will see the outside before they ever lay eyes on the inside of your home. You can win or lose the battle on curb appeal alone. Stand at the entrance to your driveway and try to look at your yard like someone who has never seen it before. Then, get to work trimming the hedges and pruning the bushes. There may even be overgrown shrubs that are worth removing entirely. This effort can make your home look larger, and it can show off architectural details.

Fresh mulch can be added around trees and in any gardens. Add some flowers that are at the peak of their blossoming. Your buyer will eventually arrive at your front door, so enhance the experience with planters or hanging baskets near the entrance to your home. Re-paint the front door, and don’t be shy about using a real eye-catching color.

Make Buyers Love Your Entrance

Then, be sure that those first moments inside the front door reinforce positive first impressions. Look for ways to enhance the atmosphere and create good flow. Attend to lighting and even fragrances. Give that entryway or foyer a second look. Will a large bouquet on the credenza be a plus? Would updated LED lighting create momentum?

Consciously or not, a buyer often wants to feel that the property will need very little work at the outset. As a seller, you can focus on that tendency as you look for ways to make your home look like it is truly ready to move into.

Hendersonville Entrance
by Urrutia Design

You’re Really Selling A Product

Imagine how much effort retailers put into showing off what they sell. The questions that they ask are the questions that you should ask — Why would a consumer want your product? How will your product enrich your buyer’s lifestyle? You are really selling a way of life and a dream. Market and stage your home as a product that will make the lives of the next occupants better.

Today’s Buyer Has Preferences

Realize that today many buyers want everything to evoke character and charm. In general, rustic is out. New and shiny is in. Hardwood floors, crown moldings, and stainless steel appliances are popular. Look for elements that can be changed at relatively little cost. If the carpet in room X is a bit dated anyhow, why not consider a return to the rich hardwood floor that lies beneath?

Talk to an Agent to See Which Buyers are Looking for Your Home

Priced Right To Sell Soon

As a seller, you have real control over the price that you will list your home for. Overpricing can be expensive in many ways. Expenses continue as you continue to carry the property. Overpricing may cost you an otherwise sincere buyer. A downward spiral can set in. The longer your home is on the market, the more buyers will tend to think that something is awry.

Instead, price your property right, find a buyer that feels good about it, and complete the sale. Grab the momentum by making your home look appealing, and then maintain it right through to the closing.

Selling Your Home

If you’d like to learn more about selling your home, feel free to use our free Home Valuation tool or read our home seller’s eBook:

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