Talking Points for Real Estate agents during the COVID-19 Quarantine

A few talking points for BluAxis Realty agents for their clients when asked about the effects of the Corona Virus impacts on Real Estate. As well as some things you can do while you wait this out. We discuss the impact that past Pandemics have had on the stock market as well as the past US recessions and how they relate to the real estate market. We also have some ideas on how to keep your business moving forward while we wait this out.


This video was intended to be a private video message for BluAxis Realty Agents . The goal was to give them some talking points when discussing how the COVID-19 Pandemic might affect the Real Estate business and the economy. We also wanted to encourage them to keep calm and keep working.
 You are a real estate agent.
 You are a home seller or home buyer or plan on being one in the near future.
 You are worried about the economy.
 You are worried about the real estate market.
 How has Pandemics of the past affected the economy
 Historically speaking, what has happened to the Real Estate Market during recessions.
 What should Real Estate agents be doing with all their newfound free time?
For agents-please cut it off early, the last few minutes is our top-secret action plan. 😂
We decided to make this public to help real estate agents everywhere because WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!
P.S. please overlook the small editing imperfections, like I said earlier this was intended for internal use only.

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