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What I Love About Hendersonville

People who move to Hendersonville always hear about which neighborhood is good, which houses they can get for their money, and where to shop. But when do they hear about what’s uniquely special about Hendersonville? When do they learn why current residents love the city and why they stay? These things are what make Hendersonville great, so I decided to share some ideas of why you might love the town.

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The Lovely Features of Hendersonville

1. Mountain View – To begin with, what make Hendersonville so beautiful are the surrounding mountains. Snow-capped peaks, timeless evergreens, and wildflower gardens create a storybook setting. Having the chance to gaze out your home window and admire such stunning vistas is an unmatched experience. And it’s not only at home can you appreciate the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can go hiking or horseback riding up the range. You can use them as a beautiful backdrop for pictures with friends. All in all, the mountain views transform everyone’s living experience for the better.

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2. Hometown Charm – Cities these days can be bland and filled with heavy traffic. The biggest downfall to those large cities is the loss of its charm. In Hendersonville, everyone still feels the traditional hometown charm through the quaint shops, local restaurants, and the friendly community. In fact, Hendersonville is a close-knit community, where people greet each other and neighbors meet up to do activities together. There’s hardly another place where you can feel such joy walking through a small town.

3. Apple Festival – Every year, on Labor Day Weekend, Hendersonville hosts the North Carolina Apple Festival. It’s the one weekend where everyone enjoys munching down on freshly picked apples, apple pies, apple butter, and apple cider. Everything apple is there to enjoy. Families can participate in arts & crafts, listen to live musical entertainment, and watch the King Apple Parade. Overall, it’s a wonderful time for the whole town.

If you have different reasons as to why you love Hendersonville, please share with us and leave a comment. We’d like to hear what you think!

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