What’s Around Riverwind in Hendersonville, NC?

Riverwind is a friendly and beautiful community located in Hendersonville, North Carolina. As you would come to expect with all places in North Carolina, Riverwind offers a welcoming environment with plenty of options for the entire family to enjoy. If you are looking to get a better idea of what Riverwind has to offer, here are some places that you may find valuable.

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Etowah Elementary School

  • Location: 320 Etowah School Rd, Etowah, NC, United States ‎
  • Phone: (828) 891-6560

Families that live in Riverwind and have younger children will likely send their children to Etowah Elementary School. Etowah attends to children grades K-5 and offers a variety of different programs for each of these children to succeed. Etowah has been designated an Honor School of Excellence, one of only five schools in Henderson County Public School district. This is quite the achievement and speaks to the great education that Etowah provides its students.

Hendersonville High School

  • Location: 1 Bearcat Blvd, Hendersonville, NC, United States
  • Phone: (828) 697-4802

As students get older, the main high school in the area is Hendersonville High School. Many of the surrounding areas feeder into this high school, so you can assure a variety of different students. This is perfect for your child when it comes to be exposed to a variety of people, and learning how to interact with new friends. Created in 1901, Hendersonville High School offers both traditional and modern excellence for its students. They take pride in being a place that parents want to send their students and students enjoy attending.

Dining Highlights

Blue Ridge Pizza Company

  • Location: 6336 Brevard Rd, Etowah, NC, United States
  • Phone: (828)891-5648

If you are a pizza and pasta fan, then you will fit in right at home at Blue Ridge Pizza Company. Located within walking distance of Riverwind, there is nothing like sharing a large pizza with your family after a long day. Blue Ridge offers a pizza dough and sauce that is created from scratch, and is made on a daily basis. This is a great family restaurant that is perfectly convenient for those that live in Riverwind.

Bad Wolf BBQ and Country Kitchen

  • Location: 6577 Brevard Rd, Etowah, NC, United States
  • Phone: (828)891-9329

Another local favorite is Bad Wolf BBQ and Country Kitchen. If you want some real southern food with North Carolina influence, then you’ve gone to the right place at Bad Wolf. They offer a huge lunch and dinner menu, and even serve breakfast for those looking for an early meal. They also routinely put on festivities and events, which bring together the Riverwind community even more.


Etowah Valley Golf Club and Lodge

  • Location: 470 Brickyard Rd, Etowah, NC, United States
  • Phone: (828)891-7022

If you are love hitting the links, you’ll be in luck in Riverwind. Just up around the corner from the community is the Etowah Valley Golf Club and Lodge. This is one of North Carolina’s top golf resorts and offers a premier 27-hole course. People come from far and wide to play at the Etowah Valley, but if you live in Riverwind, you’ll be right around the corner.

No matter what you are looking for in a new neighborhood, Riverwind offers it. Along with some of the best schools in North Carolina, they also offer friendly restaurants and beautiful golf courses. This is just to name a few of the magnificent things you will experience once you call Riverwind home.

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