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Fletcher Real Estate Guide

fletcher_real_estateAbout Fletcher, NC
Owning a home that overlooks scenic mountains is only the beginning to a wonderful experience in Fletcher. The quaint setting of small shops, friendly neighbors, and beautiful scenery will make you feel you’ve found your dream home. You can relax along street-side coffee stores, admire the North Carolina wilderness from your backyard, and let your children play safely around the neighborhood.

As a hometown, Fletcher will offer you everything you need to live comfortably and happily. Its unique position between Asheville and Hendersonville sets it apart from other towns. On weekends, you can drive over to the larger cities and take advantage of all their amenities. The Apple Festival is the locals’ favorite. Weekdays, you can rest happy knowing you live in a friendly community that prides itself on a growing economy and careful management of growth.

Fletcher Real Estate
One distinct characteristic you’ll love about homes in Fletcher are the views. Overlooking beautiful mountains and being surrounded by natural scenery will transform your living experience. Each property seeks to match the elegance and quality of its surroundings. Traditional home designs have been built with comfortable amenities and a mindset of relaxation. Bedrooms will have soft carpeting to keep your toes warm and the kitchen will be designed to ease your cooking load. Enjoy panoramic windows and check out current listings in Fletcher.

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Things to Do in Fletcher
Exploring nature and enjoying family-fun activities are the top two things to do in Fletcher. Lush forests and mountains provide explorers a chance to travel and climb through North Carolina’s most exotic wilderness. The serenity of roaming about nature is unrivaled, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Nearby cities like Hendersonville hosts a number of festivals and activities that delight everyone. The most popular being the Apple Festival.

Schools in Fletcher, NC

  • Fletcher Elementary School
  • Glenn C. Marlow Elementary School
  • Apple Valley Middle School
  • Rugby Middle School
  • North High School
  • West High School
  • Veritas Christian Academy (private)

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