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Lake Toxaway Real Estate

The fresh air, warm climate and enchanting views of the Blue Ridge Mountains are an evident setting for holiday. E.H. Jennings realized this when he toured the area in the late nineteenth century, inspiring him to create a resort Mecca that would come to be known as the “Switzerland of America.” Lake Toxaway is the largest and one of the original man-made lakes in the Appalachians, built in 1902 by Jennings’ Toxaway Company along with a spread of luxurious and contemporary lodges. The Southern Railway’s extension to the area matched the arrival of the lake—majestic and accessible, Lake Toxaway lured wealthy and famous vacationers like the Rockafellers, Vanderbilts, Fords, Firestones, and Edisons.

A century later, the royal blue lagoon of western North Carolina still compels visitors, and many now remain year-round. A brief commute from Asheville, Atlanta, Charlotte and Greenville, the community is comprised of full time residents, regular vacationers and the nearby regional neighborhoods.

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Lake Toxaway Real Estate

If God created man in his own image, then man created Lake Toxaway in the image of heaven. Real estate broker Rand Soellner similarly alluded to divine spirit when he remarked, “We have God’s air conditioning due to the altitude, and the best views this side of the Rockies.” Lake Toxaway’s temperate climate appeases year round. Many are partial to the fall season when the mountains are painted with red, gold and orange autumn leaves. Wintertime offers austere beauty, with delicate snowfalls that typically melt before inconveniencing dwellers.

Lake Toxaway Homes for Sale

Developers of the area have historically committed to the preservation of the lake’s seclusion and harmony, creating a high-quality and low-density exclusive community. The fourteen-mile shoreline and surrounding area is decorated with breathtaking properties, including homes and lots at on the lakeside or riverfront, on the golf course, with mountain views, and with waterfalls on the property, condominiums, family compounds, campgrounds, private estates, horse farms, and acreage connecting to National Forest and State Parks.

Some of the homes have been featured in books and magazines globally, admired for their architectural beauty. Many of the houses have tall glass scenic windows, with rough-hewn beams and large granite boulders sustaining their structure.

Things to Do at Lake Toxaway

Lake Toxaway lays 3,000 feet above sea level—a rare height for an expansive body of water. The 640 acre private lake is uncontaminated by pollution or heavy traffic. Recreation is abundant. At the Lake Toxaway Country Club, members can enjoy the clubhouse, fitness center, 18 hole golf course, 6 tennis courts, and more.

With or without membership, visitors enjoy the lake’s perks including swimming, water-skiing, canoeing, viewing any of the waterfalls that range from 75 to 350 feet high, and hiking trails of Hawk, Panthertail, Ravenrock and Cold mountains, and the tallest—Mount Toxaway—which peaks at 4,777 feet. Fishermen are delighted to discover the rainbow trout, bluegill, bass and walleye that dwell in the water. Further entertainment includes fine dining, wine tasting and shopping.

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